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Base on sq ft, usually is about RM 0.15 – RM 0.20 still is based on location and the inflation rates in the market. But there’s still a minimum charge even for a small place.

Pests grew circulation takes about 2 weeks to a month, so it is advisable pest control monthly

In Pestsol we insist to eliminate them, at least no termite lives together with u. Rather than taking a temporary cure.

People often think after doing pest control they will not have problems. It’s like I am buying an expensive car and I will not get involved in car accidents. There’s a reason why we called it pest control not “pest zero”, “no pest”, “zero pest”. In order to achieve pest-free it requires cooperation, and we have a number of customers which trust and follow PestSol, and they are now having pest-free results.

Back to basics, most of life creatures cannot leave without water and food. For pests is the same, make sure you well keep and leave no water and food source, basically without pest control, you are still able to maintain an excellent pest-free environment. As us, and we are happy to share our knowledge on how to maintain a pest-free environment.

There’s a fact that most of the customers cannot feel cannot see the value, which compared to our regulars they can value us. It is because we offer our knowledge and our strictness to control and to make sure your premises are in high level of cleanliness

However, the reason why we insist on providing rigorous and effective services is because we want to build a healthy environment and make people healthier around us and in this community. Having vision and passion is the key to our sustainability.

Not necessary but some industries are compulsory to take contracts and on top of that, the purpose of the contract is to monitor and pest control in order for us to keep track of the conditions of your premises. Besides, the contract is much cheaper and also has a lot of free gift, why not?

 I always like to use examples, examples easily understood by people. Just like insurance, you buy because you prepare and prevent, well, pests won’t email you or inform you before they infest your premises.

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