Who Are We

Since 2016, we at PestSol have worked hard to provide customers with the best service every day.

• Effective environmental management plan: We understand the special conditions of Malaysia’s weather and environment, and according to the surrounding environment and slope of customers, we can solve the pest problems in your environment.

• Promote a better healthy environment concept: We are committed to conveying the knowledge of healthy environment management, so that every business and consumer knows the harm of pests.

• Establish industry benchmark: We provide the most rigorous management services, so that consumers can be more at ease because of Pestsol.


•Customer: Let customers have a peace of mind, whether it is doing business or staying at home

•Employee:Pursue the material and spiritual happiness of all employees

•Society:Contribute to the progress and development of mankind and society


By 2023, we are committed to providing outstanding pest control services and achieving worry-free services for 1,200 customers


Pest Solutions . Healthy Environment . Healthier People

To be our own benchmark, when people see Pestsol it means that we are the most rigorous pest control operator.

To convey knowledge ,  education ,  and let everyone know the importance of pest control

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